Such a Great Week of Shows!!!

October 29, 2015

Hello All,

Wanted to share a little bit about last week.
I played a show with a great piano player from Venezuela called Otmaro Ruiz and had the opportunity to meet some new people and share some of his great music with friends. It was as part of a series at The All Saints Church in Pasadena. The building is beautiful and the listeners were listening!! (I know... it doesn't make sense...!) But for someone that does a lot of casual gigs, having people really listening is really nice!!!

Besides the great musicians I was sharing the stage with, there were some giants in the audience too. Here is a picture:

Russell Ferrante, Bill Cunliffe, Catina DeLuna, Otmaro Ruiz, Ramon Stagnaro, Ana Barreiro


Another great show from last week was with some of the same people, for Catina DeLuna Cd Release at the Blue Whale Jazz Club. I was looking forward to play there, and the band and music were absolutely incredible. Catina's voice makes me feel so confortable, she has a way of interpreting these Brazilian tunes that takes me back home. Absolutely love her music! And Otmaro's arrangements are so tastefull! You have to listen to her album, Catina DeLuna Lado B when you have a chance. I'll add some pictures soon!

And the last show last week was with a new band, new friends I've made here. They are called The Vignes Rooftop Revival and I played with them at Cassey's Irish Pub last Saturday. It was a lot of fun, they play Gypsy Jazz and even take some Brazilian music and arrange it for the style they do. Super fun and lot sof energy!!! Great guys too!!!!

Now I need to go practice, I'll be back to add some pictures here very soon.